Alan Pakaln.

Retired clinical engineer, with many years experience overseeing medical technology in several large New York City hospitals. Born in Doctor’s Hospital (now a luxury condominium) on the upper east side of Manhattan, early childhood in the extreme south-east corner of Yonkers, in a house grandfather (an immigrant from Latvia), built around 1930.

Now spends large amounts of time working on projects: clinical risk assessment (jointcommission-compliancestandard.org), technology in general (critically), art and photography, and community development and public libraries, Library Community Network (librarycommunitynetwork.org).

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This is one of several formats I developed for use in New York City hospitals. It calculates the periodic maintenance required for medical equipment.

The process of evaluating equipment maintenance is very different from community risk assessment – assessing risk to pedestrians at an intersection, but there are similarities. In each, though estimates can be stated in somewhat absolute terms, you can’t rely on just that.

In this example, certain data  – Failures Apparent to the user – offers only two choices, but also noted are Notes and different service data. Subjective, personal observation must always take part.

I have written journal articles on risk and other subjects. Here is one that includes a risk assessment methodology. Peer reviewed and published, 2004, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.

There’s always more to learn.

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