Figure it out yourself

There’s hope. God, or the technology god will save us. Renewable energy, living green, simple living with fewer possessions: humans are smart, we’ll figure it out.

We’re doomed. There is no hope – it’s a luxury to even be able to wonder about the future.

Science has given us lots of tools. We can calculate or estimate, the rate of sea rise, global temperature rise, ice melt, tree loss and desertification. By some measures, we are doomed. By others, not so much. And by some measure, who cares anyway? It’s a big world, complicated, and I’m just me. What can I do?

And don’t, please don’t tell me to recycle or buy an electric car, or any of the other life-changing new habits I can adopt: maybe I can, and maybe I can’t adopt, but I’m not counting on that, and I’m not counting on anyone to fix this.

We’re doomed? And exactly who are you to say we are or are not?

Trust. A lot comes down to that one simple word, whatever that means. Trust itself is not so simple: it really means handing over to someone else a decision because we believe the other is in a better position to make it. We landed on the moon? Ever been there? Of course not, but I see it in the sky, or through a telescope and I believe the rest: it’s some kind of large rock going around the Earth and Sun. And the “man in the moon” is made of craters – stuff from outer space hit the moon, made the craters.

Belief and trust: one way or another, we all “decide” to “have” these things.

Next: global warming, pandemic disease, resource depletion, unrestrained capitalism, unrestrained social welfare. And the list goes on. What do we believe? Whom do we trust? (Who do we trust? Trust me, it’s whom).

Me. When I get to the end of the line of experts and opinionators, I get to decide what’s what. I do, if I do. If I don’t, that’s my problem (some will say that if I do not choose this way or that way, I have made my indecision their problem as well: Well, that’s their problem.).